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JustBeGreen Villages America will be a breakthrough community that balances human needs in a determinedly non destructive way. It will integrate the latest technological advances such as smart tech and with ancient practices such as Feng Shui, but it will be more than a technological breakthrough…… more than a new invention… more than optimum health… more than a new economic system. It will be a holistic, ecologically contained, self sustaining environment.


We have learned much about patterns of work and living. We have observed and learned from the mistakes of the past, and we vow not to repeat them.  We will use our collective experience and appropriately applied technology, and we will succeed. We will not be discouraged because it is difficult. We will accomplish the improbable. We will strive even to do the impossible; we know it can be done.

Before creating Disneyland in California, Walt Disney spent the better part of a year traveling the world to speak with owners and managers of amusement parks of every description. One after another, they told him his vision was impossible, that people would not pay the admission price he suggested, that they would not come in the numbers he projected, that they would not stay as long as he expected, and that it was extremely unwise to invest $24 million in such a foolhardy project.

But the analysts at Stanford Research Institute said otherwise. More importantly, Walt Disney believed otherwise and proceeded to build his “foolhardy” dream. In the end, his projections were not only met, but also far exceeded.  In the end, Disneyland became a model for theme parks around the world. In fact, it became the paradigm for the entire hospitality industry.


JustBeGreen Villages America will be informed by that paradigm as well. But it is our hope to create our own paradigm in developing this -smart tech agro community development. We believe this template will provide a model of deliberate, wholesome community designs, that can be duplicated in many other places. Consequently, the seeds, which sprout and flourish from this endeavor, will be of enormous importance far beyond this community. These seeds will encourage and support a great many people, seeking the kind of life they will find in our “neo-urban village”

JustBeGreen Villages America will be created by people who have made a commitment to life made whole. It will be about doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. Whatever final shape this project assumes, this village will honor the Cherokee who once lived here.

Planning Assumptions

 For the development of a Neo-Urban Community to evolve it must be able to grow organically with steady, controlled growth and a great deal of respect to the environment which is paramount to the intent of the consortium. 

 JustBeGreen Villages America will be a high-quality, mixed-use project with a variety of components. Although the diverse elements of the overall development can be defined and examined individually, they will be mutually supportive. We expect this arrangement to have a profound synergistic effect in which the whole enity will greatly exceed the sum of its parts, and that the success of each participant will exceed what each could accomplish individually.

All contractors, sub-contractors, and tradesman will be expected to follow a prescribed code of conduct that demands superior standards of performance with strict adherence to material specifications and absolute compliance with all applicable building codes.

Each participant in this project, whether a contractor, sub-contractor, or tradesman will have the opportunity to help create a wholesome community we can all be proud of. Each will have an opportunity to create a safe and nourishing environment, which we hope, may become home to their families and friends. Each will be expected to fulfill his or her mission by following one simple rule: Do all your work as though your signature is written on it –because it is.

                                                                                  JOB CREATION AND ECONOMIC IMPACTS

The creation of valuable permanent jobs will impact revenues and expenses for the state, county, and surrounding city governments therefore simultaneously promote economic growth across the board.  The local commercial and housing communities will also be in a position  to benefit by the creation of added value to their already existing properties.

Defining our point of entry into the local communities within Morgan County must be under an JustBeGreen umbrella, creating the atmosphere to co-direct and co-create opportunities that improve the whole community.  It is the responsibility of the founders of JustBeGreen Villages America to serve and support the local’s positions throughout the County as a whole.

As our cross-functional management teams start translating the JustBeGreen Village America concept and basic foundation into a reality, their planning will focus on the practical aspects of human needs first. Such as, where people will work, retire, play, exercise, shop, and study—and most importantly, find satisfaction in their lives. This will be the primary focus rather than preconceived notions concerning individual acreage requirements or the specification of several housing units to be offered.

The founders and management of JustBeGreen Villages America believe that we can do better by dealing with the economic realities in parallel with the aesthetics lifestyle objectives and refuse to be intimidated by the things that have always been done in the past.  We believe  the most important thing is to recognize in every decision-making and implementation effort that the Neo-Urban Village is not a painting by Norman Rockwell, but is to be a community of real people with hopes and dreams of a better life beset by personal and economic pressures common to most of us.

 We can achieve this but not by ignoring such realities or covering them with color, design, or other slight of hand but, in essence, the willingness of the founders to embrace the blessing of such matters, beginning with the issues of money, supply and demand, work and leisure. Satisfaction is the critical touchstone supporting the Neo-Urban Village concept.

JustBeGreen Villages America’s objectives are, in a very real sense pure and devoid of arbitrary goals of size and ego satisfaction.  They are true to the organic essence, which are integral to the pursuits of individuals, and to the land and existing environment. We firmly believe that not only can a new community be true to such goals, but that success in economic and human terms can be achieved in the context of those goals, all of which will be enhanced in pursuit of opportunities via the JustBeGreen Villages America blueprint.




Imagine living in a place where you awaken every day with a creative enthusiasm because you are surrounded with beauty and peace. Nature that is in tune with its rhythms and cycles that are unspoiled and pure. Now imagine your home, workplace and recreation are all readily available and everywhere around you in abundance. In short, all have  become one.

Thought for Today

“There is great power in resolution that has no reservations in it–a strong, persistent, tenacious purpose–which burns all bridges behind it and which clears all obstacles from its path and arrives at its goal, no matter how long it may take, no matter what the sacrifice.”

          –Orison Sweet Marden

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