Just Be Green Villages America

About The Village

Experience sustainable living in our eco-friendly, self-sustaining village. Embrace tranquility and connection, all while respecting the environment, amidst America’s stunning natural landscapes.

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Your world doesn’t have to be a disjointed, frustrating place to live anymore. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a sense of disconnection from your community. Instead, you can be part of an all-encompassing, eco-friendly, and self-sustaining environment that brings you feelings of peace, joy, and satisfaction. Villages of America is set in the endless beauty of mountains, rivers, and lakes, whose timeless charm unveils its own profound truths.

Where Is This Magical Place?

Its in the heart of America nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Cumberland Plateau located in Morgan County Tennessee.

Just Be Green Villages America will chart the way to a new community ideal in which employment; active retirement and leisure vacation are equal driving forces. These elements are not often considered together, but they ought to be. Millions of Americans bear onerous commutes, plod through unsatisfying jobs, choke on industrial pollution, and suffer evermore-invasive noise pollution in our cities. Millions yearn for second homes or places to retire and fish or golf or hike or play tennis. Millions wish to spend more time with their spouses and offspring. Millions more are part of a new phenomenon called eco-tourists, who flock to National Forests – in many cases they are like visitors to our great zoos who hope to see the last remaining members of all but extinct species. This cry for what’s real and beautiful, for what is peaceful and quiet, for what is all too rapidly disappearing, has too often gone unheard. But it ought to ring a clarion call .

JustBeGreen Villages America


It has been said “It takes a village to raise a child”. We believe “a village” is equally as important to the growth of well-rounded adults. Those who have witnessed or been victims of the uncontrolled growth that has metastasized our cities know this only too well. Still, many people remain in our dangerous and dehumanizing cities because of economic opportunity and cultural enrichment.

So, how to resolve this dilemma? Our answer is the “neo-urban village”. That is not a contradiction in terms, but a title chosen to reflect the best of both worlds. The “neo-urban village” offers the variety and sophistication of a busy urban area, while maintaining the security and openness of a quiet rural village. JBG Villages America is the prototype of this “neo-urban village”.

It is a planned environment designed to create a solution for the vast array of problems facing children, families, educational systems and workplaces. But this environment is not wholly our own design – it takes full advantage of Nature’s inimitable creative powers, too. We believe the best way to the future is to learn from the past. We believe as the Indian ancients that nurture needs Nature. We believe humans grow best where Nature is not only respected, but also seen and touched and heard.

That is why our community is nestled away in the mountains of America’s heartland, far from large urban areas and associated national and international security issues. We believe we have a responsibility to our children and future generations to develop a self-sufficient, stable, private community that will meet basic needs and provide much more. To make all this possible requires dedication to finding a realistic balance, a balance between old and new, a balance between commercial and residential, a balance between work and play.

JBG Villages America will offer a new way of living for those trapped by the lure of the city and lost in urban commercialism and clutter. This will be a place that provides both opportunity and tranquility. This is not a Utopian dream. The developers are very experienced in large-scale projects, and very aware how much hard work is necessary to make “dreams” reality. They are aware physical planning alone cannot drive this project; it must be driven by economic realities. Pre-design, design before the facts are known, cannot possibly be optimum.

The developers are equally aware a community is essentially organic, that it grows in positive or negative ways depending on how well people respect and care for one another and their environment. In truth, people define the character and essence of their community far more than structure does.