Planning Assumptions

Hydroponics greenhouse. Organic green vegetables salad in hydroponics farm for health, food and agriculture concept design. Hydroponics is a non soil plant.

JustBeGreen Villages America will be a high-quality, mixed-use project with a variety of components. Although the diverse elements of the overall development can be defined and examined individually, they will be mutually supportive. We expect this arrangement to have a profound synergistic effect in which the whole enity will greatly exceed the sum of its parts, and that the success of each participant will exceed what each could accomplish individually.

All contractors, sub-contractors, and tradesman will be expected to follow a prescribed code of conduct that demands superior standards of performance with strict adherence to material specifications and absolute compliance with all applicable building codes. Each participant in this project, whether a contractor, sub-contractor, or tradesman will have the opportunity to help create a wholesome community we can all be proud of. Each will have an opportunity to create a safe and nourishing environment, which we hope, may become home to their families and friends. Each will be expected to fulfill his or her mission by following one simple rule: Do all your work as though your signature is written on it –because it is.

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